Your Ultimate Washing Machine Buying Guide for 2017


The price of a washing machine ranges from $500 to $2,000 that depends on the features, capacity, and type. You cannot escape a dirty laundry, so you need a reliable and durable washing machine for the years to come. What do you prefer, a top load washing machine or front load washing machine? There are top-load high-efficiency (HE) washing machines with agitators that are faster and save you energy bills in the long run. High-efficiency (HE) washing machines are ideal for washing delicate fabrics with the use of lesser water, with larger capacities. A high-efficiency washing machine spins faster, removes more water, cutting on drying time.

Front load washing machines are more expensive than top load washing machines. The best best compact washing machines brands of front loaders clean and wash better and gentler than HE top loading washing machines. Front loaders take more time washing but with a faster spinning, thus water is extracted and dryer time is trimmed. Some front loading washing machines vibrate due to their high spinning speed and the manner they spin. As compared to wood-framed flooring, concrete flooring absorbs vibrations better. Some consumers may complain mold developing on front loaders but this is actually due to water that collects in the folds pf the machine opening's rubber gasket, and this can be prevented by making sure cleaning and drying that area after use.

When considering the space needed for you to work on and the size of the washing machine, you have to measure the space and give extra six inches behind the washer for water hookups, and an inch space between the dryer and the washer. It is also important to take the measurements of your door to ensure that your new washing machine will fit through. Consider the noise produced if you are planning to put you washing machine near your family room or bedroom so as not to disturb you that much. Check on vibration scores on consumer ratings and reviews. For more facts and information regarding washing machine, you can go to .

The different features of The Best Top Load Washer include automatic dispensers, automatic temperature control, extra rinse cycle, stainless steel tub, and end-or-cycle signal. Automatic dispensers allow detergent, fabric softener and bleach to be dispensed at the right time. Automatic temperature control allows optimum water temperature automatic adjustment. Extra rinse cycle helps clean and remove pet's hair and other stubborn stains and debris. Stainless steel is capable of withstanding higher spin speeds to extract more water and reduce drying time.